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KTC Beauty Home has been known for its quality since 2005, our experience and attention to beauty is beyond the imagination of the common man, having well trained staff by renowned beauty outfits in and outside the country.

We specialize in rendering the best in makeup services (personal, bridal, wedding, e.t.c), makeup training, beauty spa and general beauty treatment.

We are well equipped with a massage room that leaves you totally relaxed, professional makeup services that brings out the best in your face, skincare that simply makes you glow, painless waxing that leaves your skin feeling as good as it could and shaping equipments that brings out your body shape the way you want it.

Give your body a treat because it deserves it.

Our Services

KTC Beauty home|bridal makeup, wedding makeup, eye lash fixing, gele tying, brow grooming, makeup artist in benin city

Makeup Services

  • Bridal/wedding makeup artist.
  • Makeup for any occassion, Gele tying
  • Eye lash fixing, brow grooming e.t.c
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KTC Beauty home|full body massage therapy, spot removal, manicure and pedicure, weight reduction, tummy reduction, wax, hair removal in benin city

Beauty Spa

  • Body massage parlour, steam bath
  • Waxing, Spot removal, weight management
  • Manicure and pedicure e.t.c
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Our Mission

To promote the acceptance of beauty among individuals